Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?
You will feel the laser but it is certainly bearable. The traditional YAG laser that was used for tattoo removal can only be described as agonising. The beauty of this treatment is the pain is minimal and its done in minutes.

How many treatments will I need?
This depends on the tattoo. Amateur tattoos can be removed in 2 treatments. More heavily inked professional tattoos could be three to 6 treatments. This is great news, as you could be rid of your tattoo in 6 months or less compared to traditional lasers. These can require 10 – 20 treatments which would take up to 2 years to remove.

How long does it take to heal?
The healing time is very quick with the Picosure as the side effects are small. You may blister slightly but not necessarily. Even so the surrounding tissue is left intact as the body absorbs the pigment safely by the lymphatic system.

How long between treatments?
You have to allow a period of 6 – 8 weeks as the pigment takes time to be absorbed by your lymphatic system. It is best to let the area completely heal. Even if on the outside it feels back to normal, your scavenger cells are working to clear the pigment away.

How long does the treatment take?
Literally minutes. Obviously, slightly longer on very large tattoos. Generally a 10cm x 10cm tattoo would take 5 minutes to remove.

Can I re-ink over a removed tattoo?
There is a growing trend for tattoo lovers to re-ink. It is perfectly safe to have a new tattoo put on an area of skin that has previously be treated with Picosure. The beauty of this, is you don’t have to have complete removal in which case only slight fading is needed, resulting in even less treatments.

Why is each treatment more expensive than traditional lasers?
If you take into consideration the length of time that traditional tattoo removal takes, using Picosure, overall the complete treatment will cost no more. This is due to the speed of Picosure Pressure Wave Technology.