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Tattoo Removal in WilmslowFor safe and sure tattoo removal in Wilmslow, contact the specialists. Our expert team can help you to eliminate tattoos that no longer express your present state of mind or lifestyle. “Tattoo regret” is more common than you think. Some studies say that more than 50% of people regret at least one of their tattoos. One of the most common reasons includes being too young when getting the tattoo. This is especially true of teens who had a crush on their favourite celebrity. Some tattoos may not be meaningful anymore. You may have a tattoo in a prominent place that looks inappropriate for work.

This is where we step in to help. In Wilmslow, tattoo removal that we provide uses the latest technology. Our PicoSure process removes ink colours by using sharp, short bursts of energy. These pico-second energies are driven into the skin by creating a pressure wave. This process targets ink and avoids the surrounding tissue. The pressure wave breaks the ink into microscopic particles that your body then naturally eliminates. What you get is clearer skin, with no damage to surrounding areas. Depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo you may need more sittings. However, in comparison to traditional laser treatment, ours takes fewer sessions.

Tattoo removal in Wilmslow has to be done only by professionals with the right training and experience. Before we start the treatment, we provide a thorough consultation with our team. We evaluate the tattoo thoroughly and then offer our recommendations. This includes complete information on time, costs and possible risks and side effects. Contact The Tattoo Removal Co for effective tattoo removal today.  Certain colours such as green and blue are usually resistant to removal. However, our treatment takes care of these too. In addition, you will experience fewer side effects and downtime.