Thank you so much for your services in removing my unwanted tattoo, my girlfriend certainly appreciates it, possibly more so even than I do! I found your calm, professional manor and full product knowledge impeccable, and you certainly relaxed me in preparation for the unknown. Nobody can explain how the treatment will feel, however I feel that you provided me with a confidence and reassurance that calmed my nerves prior to the treatment.
In the end it was a quick and relatively pain free treatment, something I was not expecting at all. The treatment reminded me of actually getting a tattoo in the first place, only a slightly sharper feeling. I had reservations about tattoo removal treatment beforehand, but the treatment you offer is something anybody in need will value.
I travelled over 200 miles specifically for the best, and that is what I received, and I would do so again more than willingly.
Many thanks once more, you will be fully recommended to anybody I meet who requires this treatment.
Daniel Moss – Southampton UK

I had a small tattoo when I was much younger and now I’m a mother of two very inquisitive children, I was very keen to have it removed but was always scared of the pain.
When I was introduced to Diane at Tattoo Removal Company North West and heard about this latest technology which was “virtually pain free” I jumped at the chance to have it removed.
The treatment was over in literally two minutes, the cold blower numbed the area and before I knew it I was going home.
I can already see a huge improvement and should only need a couple more sessions.
Thanks Diane x
Louise Ray – Knutsford, Cheshire

I was throughly impressed with the professionalism, organisation and aftercare that was provided to me through out and after the procedure. I was even more impressed with the results of the removal and felt it was worth every penny. Diane was knowledgable, professional and friendly. I would throughly recommended Tattoo Removal Co. to anyone and everyone.
Will Taylor
(Image shows results after just one session)

Ear tattoo totally gone after only 2 sessions!