The Process

Millions of people have tattoos that they regret and would love to have them removed but doubt the effectiveness and worry about the pain.

The Picosure laser is the latest technology in tattoo removal. It has a very short pulse which works at such a high speed it shatters the ink into sand like particles, which are then taken away by your lymphatic system.

It is a multiple treatment taking from anything from 2 to 4 treatments with some colours i.e red that may take a few more.

You will feel the treatment, it may feel a little sore like an elastic band twang but it is very bearable.


Once treatment is done the skin will frost but will calm down in a few hours. The area will feel tender, red or slightly swollen and could develop blisters. This is very common and nothing to worry about. Just don’t pick and keep dry for 24 hours, then apply a small amount of vasoline to the treatment area.

After a period of 6 to 8 weeks the treatment area is reviewed for possible further treatment.