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Our PicoSure technology delivers ultra-short pulses of energy to shatter tattoo ink resulting in greater clearance faster, in fewer treatments with improved recovery time

The Process

Millions of people have tattoos that they regret and would love to have them removed but doubt the effectiveness and worry about the pain.The Picosure laser is the latest technology in tattoo removal. It has a very short pulse which works at such a high speed it shatters the ink into sand like particles, which are then taken away by your lymphatic system.

It is a multiple treatment taking from anything from 2 to 4 treatments with some colours i.e red that may take a few more.

You will feel the treatment, it may feel a little sore like an elastic band twang but it is very bearable.

Tattoo Removal in Cheshire

Once treatment is done the skin will frost but will calm down in a few hours. The area will feel tender, red or slightly swollen and could develop blisters.

This is very common and nothing to worry about. Just don’t pick and keep dry for 24 hours, then apply a small amount of vasoline to the treatment area.

After a period of 6 to 8 weeks the treatment area is reviewed for possible further treatment.


PicoSure uses the latest technology to remove ink colors by delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin. These pulses create a photomechanical effect, or PressureWave™, that targets ink while avoiding unmarked tissue. PressureWave shatters the ink into tiny, dust-like particles which are easily eliminated by the body. This results in clearer skin with fewer treatments without injuring the surrounding skin.

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Many benefits with PICOSURE ARE:

How much does it cost?​

The cost of the treatment is relative to the standard of technology being received. This laser is 20yrs in the making and is by far the best laser tattoo removal system on the market today. Less treatment times, less pain, but higher treatment price still equates to the amount of treatments with double the pain and double the times treated with original lasers.

A proper consultation is needed for the exact price of treatment as every tattoo is different in shape and size. Consultations are free of charge.

Mini Tattoo

up to 2cm 2


per session

Small Tattoo

up to 5cm 2


per session

Medium Tattoo

up to 8cm 2


per session

Large Tattoo

up to 12cm 2


per session

*Extra large tattoo removals are priced on request.


Laser Tattoo Removal in Northwich

Thank you so much for your services in removing my unwanted tattoo, my girlfriend certainly appreciates it, possibly more so even than I do! I found your calm, professional manor and full product knowledge impeccable, and you certainly relaxed me in preparation for the unknown. Nobody can explain how the treatment will feel, however I feel that you provided me with a confidence and reassurance that calmed my nerves prior to the treatment.
In the end it was a quick and relatively pain free treatment, something I was not expecting at all. The treatment reminded me of actually getting a tattoo in the first place, only a slightly sharper feeling. I had reservations about tattoo removal treatment beforehand, but the treatment you offer is something anybody in need will value.
I travelled over 200 miles specifically for the best, and that is what I received, and I would do so again more than willingly.
Many thanks once more, you will be fully recommended to anybody I meet who requires this treatment.

Daniel Moss – Southampton UK

If you need a tattoo removing this is definitely the place to go. Diane is an incredible lovely lady and has over 20 years experience. She has the best laser available the Picosure and completely removed my SMP in just one session, outstanding results I couldn’t believe it. I’ve had a tattoo removed previously using Q Switch lasers and it’s such lengthy gruelling process, I wish I had met Diane years ago. I will be recommending her to everyone! Thank you regards Stew.

Stew Coletti, Liverpool

Tattoo Removal in Altrincham

It was lovely to meet Diane, a very friendly service. Would definitely recommend anyone who wants laser tattoo removal. i wish I would of found her sooner, as I have wasted my time & money on using other clinics with next to no results.

(image shows results after just one session)

Joe Inglesby – Cheshire

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    Frequently asked questions

    You will feel the laser but it is certainly bearable. The traditional YAG laser that was used for tattoo removal can only be described as agonising, because of the advanced technology of the Picosure laser,the pain is far less felt than traditional QSwitch YAG lasers.

    2-4 treatments gives 95% clearance, but this will depend on how much ink is on the skin, for example a thick tribal tattoo would need far more treatments than a delicate shaded tattoo. This is why we always recommend a thorough consultation.

    You have to allow a period of 6 – 12 weeks as the pigment takes time to be absorbed by your lymphatic system. It is best to let the area completely heal. Even if on the outside it feels back to normal, your scavenger cells are working to clear the pigment away.

    Literally minutes. Obviously, slightly longer on very large tattoos. Generally a 10cm x 10cm tattoo would take 5 minutes to remove.

    There is a growing trend for tattoo lovers to re-ink. It is perfectly safe to have a new tattoo put on an area of skin that has previously be treated with Picosure. The beauty of this, is you don’t have to have complete removal in which case only slight fading is needed, resulting in even less treatments.

    If you take into consideration the length of time that traditional tattoo removal takes, using Picosure, overall the complete treatment will cost no more. This is due to the speed of Picosure Pressure Wave Technology.