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Tattoo Removal in Alderley EdgeProfessional tattoo removal in Alderley Edge is the solution for a tattoo that you no longer desire. You do not have to worry about the permanence of tattoos anymore.  Our tattoo removal procedure is an efficient and safe operation. Due to its reputation for being unpleasant and painful, tattoo removal may have caused you to hesitate in the past. While tattoo removal may have been painful in the past, this is no longer the case. Our methods are uniquely suited to each case. As such, the first step is to contact us to organise your free consultation where we can inspect your tattoo and explain our removal process. We can then tailor make a suitable removal procedure for your specific tattoos.

Get rid of that tattoo within a few days with minimal harm to the surrounding skin. In Alderley Edge, our tattoo removal, compared to conventional removal processes requires fewer sessions. The procedure is rapid; it only requires a few minutes per session. The laser process sends extremely brief picosecond pulses of energy into your skin. The pulses cause a photochemical reaction affecting the ink on your skin while leaving the surrounding, unmarked skin alone. The ink particles break down into tiny, dust-like particles, which your body subsequently excretes via your lymphatic system. The ultimate result is cleaner skin that requires fewer treatments and does not harm the skin around it.

For all types of skin art, our tattoo removal in Alderley Edge is a wonderful alternative. It is efficient in removing stubborn colours such as blues and greens. Certain colours are more resistant, as such, you may require more removal sessions. The good news is that the procedure is relatively painless. We will revisit the spot where your tattoo was in 6 to 8 weeks to see whether any more treatments are necessary. Contact The Tattoo Removal Co today to book an appointment or if you have any questions. You may get your tattoo erased using the best tattoo removal methods.