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Picosure Tattoo Removal in Alderley Edge Picosure tattoo removal in Alderley Edge is the leading tattoo removal treatment available. A large number of people find themselves with tattoos they no longer like or want. Instead of covering them up with clothing or makeup, consider Picosure tattoo removal. The Picosure is a picosecond laser for the safe and highly effective removal of tattoos. It delivers 755 nm energy in picoseconds. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second! This laser is so fast that it spares your skin from high thermal damage while effectively targeting the pigment of the tattoo. For more details about our effective Picosure tattoo removal, or to schedule a consultation, give us a call.

The first consultation is free of charge. Thus, in Alderley Edge, Picosure tattoo removal begins with a discussion on how the treatment will take place. We’ll also discuss how many treatments may be necessary to eradicate your tattoo. Some ink colours are highly resistant. As such, more than one tattoo removal treatment may be necessary. After the first free consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your tattoo removal treatment. The Picosure tattoo removal treatment is highly effective. And, as it is so fast, it only targets the ink of the tattoo, leaving the surrounding skin safe from harm. Furthermore, it breaks the ink into tiny pieces, the size of a grain of sand. This then can easily travel through your lymphatic system and out your body.

Picosure tattoo removal in Alderley Edge is the best option for the tattoo you no longer like. In addition, our tattoo removal treatment prices are highly competitive. In fact, they are excellent value for money. The cost is relative to the standard of technology in use.  For more details about our Picosure tattoo removal treatment, contact The Tattoo Removal Co right away. Schedule your first free consultation and take the first step to tattoo-free skin. The treatment itself is not painful. Clients have described it as similar to an elastic band snapping on the skin. After 6 to 8 weeks, we’ll review the treatment area for possible further treatment.