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Tattoo Removal in NorthwichOur professional tattoo removal in Northwich helps you get rid of tattoo remorse. Tattoo regret is a common problem. Millions of people get tattoos in a year, around the world. Some of them do it on impulse, others succumb to peer pressure, and for some, it’s a symbol of their current philosophy or lifestyle. Unfortunately, life doesn’t remain the same. People change, their lives undergo radical transformation, they face situations where their tattoos are deemed inappropriate. Teens may ink themselves with the name of their current crush. If that relationship ends, the sight of the tattoo causes grief and pain. Thus, if you’ve tattooed an extreme symbol, words or phrases that don’t reflect your present situation, you would like to remove it.

We have the necessary training, licenses, experience and skills to do a perfect job. Furthermore, in Northwich, tattoo removal procedures that we use are based in the latest technology. We use the highly advanced Picosure laser. This high speed laser has a very short pulse. It shatters the pigment into tiny particles that are then naturally absorbed into your own skin. They pass into your bloodstream and are safely expelled from the body. Though this is generally a safe procedure, it’s important to select the right professional to do it. Never attempt a DIY job, or apply off the shelf products. You could end up with scarring, serious infections or permanent skin damage.

While considering tattoo removal in Northwich, you will have to check how much it costs. Depending on the size, colours and type of tattoo, you may need multiple sessions. Hence, if you have shades of red in the tattoo, it may take longer than if you have only blue or black. Though there is no significant pain, the procedure may cause some redness and swelling. Much of the process depends on the skill and experience of the professional who’s doing it. Get in touch with The Tattoo Removal Co for more details on our services.  As professionals, we have the right certification and insurance to do the work.