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Picosure Tattoo Removal in Stockton Heath by Tattoo Removal Co


Welcome to the world of advanced tattoo removal solutions. Tattoo Removal Co, based in Knutsford, Cheshire, is extending its services to Stockton Heath. We are here to address your tattoo regrets with the use of the latest technology – the Picosure laser.

Why Choose Picosure Laser?

Picosure laser stands out in the tattoo removal industry due to its high-speed and effective ink shattering capability. Unlike traditional tattoo removal methods, Picosure laser works at such an incredible speed that it breaks the tattoo ink into sand-like particles. These particles are then naturally eliminated by your body’s lymphatic system.

  • High Speed: The Picosure laser operates at a speed that traditional tattoo removal methods cannot match. This speed is what allows the laser to shatter the tattoo ink into tiny particles.
  • Effective: Due to its speed and power, the Picosure laser can effectively remove tattoos in fewer sessions than other methods.
  • Less Painful: Although you can feel the treatment, most clients compare the sensation to a slight twang of an elastic band – a far cry from the pain associated with traditional tattoo removal methods.

What to Expect?

The process of tattoo removal usually involves multiple treatment sessions. Depending on the colour and size of your tattoo, you may need between 2 to 4 sessions. Some colours, such as red, may require additional sessions.

  1. Consultation: We first conduct a thorough consultation to understand the nature of your tattoo and explain the removal process.
  2. Treatment: The Picosure laser treatment is then administered in our comfortable and safe environment.
  3. Aftercare: We provide comprehensive aftercare instructions to ensure the treated area heals properly.


Regretting a tattoo does not mean you have to live with it forever. Tattoo Removal Co is proud to bring its Picosure laser tattoo removal services to Stockton Heath. Our commitment to providing safe, effective, and less painful tattoo removal solutions sets us apart. Reach out to us today and start your journey to a tattoo-free life.