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Revolutionary Picosure Tattoo Removal Services by Tattoo Removal Co in Alderley Edge

Are you located in Alderley Edge and seeking a reliable solution for tattoo removal? Look no further than Tattoo Removal Co, a leading name in the industry known for its use of the revolutionary Picosure laser technology.

About Tattoo Removal Co

Based in Knutsford, Cheshire, Tattoo Removal Co has been serving millions of people who regret their tattoos and aspire to have them removed. Our company strives to eliminate any doubts about the effectiveness of tattoo removal and helps alleviate concerns about pain through the use of innovative technology.

Picosure Laser Technology

The Picosure laser is our key tool for tattoo removal. It’s not just a regular laser; it’s the latest technology that works with a very short pulse at a high speed. This action shatters the ink into sand-like particles, which are then eliminated by your lymphatic system.

  • Multiple Treatment: The Picosure treatment is not a one-time procedure. It takes around 2 to 4 treatments to completely remove the tattoo depending on the colours used.
  • Less Pain: The treatment might cause a feeling similar to an elastic band twang, but it’s highly bearable and far from unbearable pain.

Tattoo Removal Co in Alderley Edge

We are proud to extend our services to the residents of Alderley Edge. Our commitment to providing top-notch tattoo removal services remains the same, irrespective of the location.

  1. Effective Results: Our use of Picosure laser technology guarantees effective results, shattering all doubts about the effectiveness of tattoo removal.
  2. Professional Service: Our team of professionals ensures a smooth and comfortable experience during each treatment session.
  3. Patient Care: We provide comprehensive care to all our clients, addressing all their concerns and queries before starting the treatment.


If you are in Alderley Edge and considering tattoo removal, Tattoo Removal Co is your ideal choice. Our use of advanced Picosure laser technology ensures effective results with minimal discomfort. Get in touch with us today to start your journey to clear, tattoo-free skin.