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Tattoo Removal in Knutsford is Efficient, Safe and Effective

Tattoo Removal in Knutsford Consider professional tattoo removal in Knutsford if you have a tattoo you regret. Many people have a tattoo done, especially when they are younger. What was a great idea at the time may not be later in life. If you have a tattoo that you no longer like, we can assist. We use the Picosure laser to effectively remove unwanted tattoos. The latest in tattoo removal technology, it is effective and safe. We’re open 7 days a week for your convenience. In addition, our expert team has the training and experience to ensure a professional, safe and effective tattoo removal treatment. We’ll first provide a free consultation to determine how many treatments are necessary. Our consultations are free of charge.

For our clients in Knutsford, tattoo removal that we offer uses fewer treatments than traditional lasers. Moreover, the treatment is quick, taking only a few minutes. How it works is that the laser delivers very short picosecond pulses of energy into your skin. The pulses create a photochemical effect. It targets the ink in your skin without affecting the surrounding unmarked skin. As such, it breaks the ink particles into minute, dust-like particles that are then eliminated by your body through your lymphatic system.  The result is clearer skin, with fewer treatments and no injury to the surrounding skin.

Choose our tattoo removal in Knutsford. Furthermore, it is an excellent option for all types of skin art. It is effective in clearing resistant colours like blues and greens. As some colours are more resistant, you may need a few treatments. The great news is the treatment is relatively painless. After the first treatment, you may experience tenderness in the area, as well as a few blisters. This is a normal occurrence and you can apply Vaseline to the area after 24 hours. We’ll review the area after 6 – 8 weeks and decide whether further treatments are necessary. Contact The Tattoo Removal Co today for more details, or to schedule an appointment for your tattoo removal. You can have your tattoo removed with the best tattoo removal treatment available on the market today.