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Tattoo Removal in Cheshire

Tattoo Removal in Knutsford is Now Easier and Quicker Than Ever

Tattoo Removal in Knutsford Tattoo removal in Knutsford is now easier than ever. It is likely that when getting your first tattoo, you were told to consider it carefully before committing, because ‘a tattoo lasts forever’ or ‘you can’t just wash it off afterwards’. While this cautionary advice may have come from a good place, and may well have been relevant at the time, it is simply no longer true. The good news is that, if you have a tattoo that you wish to remove, you can! You may have hesitated about tattoo removal in the past, as it was known to be ineffective and painful. Tattoo Removal Co is here to inform you that we can assist with your tattoo removal in an innovative procedure that has been twenty years in the making. It is considered to be the best laser tattoo removal system in the field.

The treatment is, of course, PicoSure. In Knutsford, tattoo removal with the state-of-the-art PicoSure method has guaranteed results with so many benefits. PicoSure requires multiple treatments, but fewer than traditional lasers. Each treatment time lasts only minutes, and has minimal side effects or damage to skin. It is also very effective in removing stubborn colours such as blue and green tones. During the treatment, ultra-short pulses of energy are delivered into the skin. These pulses occur at a rate of picoseconds,  creating a pressure wave photomechanical effect. This targets the tattoo ink while avoiding non-tattoo skin. The ink is broken down into tiny dust-like particles that the body’s lymphatic system naturally removes. This is the latest technology in tattoo removal.

You may have come to the decision to have tattoo removal in Knutsford for any of a number of reasons. Whether you now regret the tattoo, the ink has faded or shifted, or the design is no longer appealing, you can now safely and effectively remove the tattoo with minimal negative effects. Contact Tattoo Removal Co to discuss your tattoo removal wishes. We provide a detailed consultation free of charge to determine your unique needs for treatment and pricing according to the size and detail of your tattoo.